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Webducation Guide : Alternative Medicine
Webducator : Barbro Persson
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Alternative Medicine from Nerd World Media
This site has many articles and information about alternative medicine including holistic medicine, gender specific issues, herbs, vitamines and other healing methods. From this site, you should learn about current issues in alternative medicine.
The Herbal Encyclopia ****
This site is helpful for everyone interested in the properties and uses of the various healing herbs. I do not discriminate - no matter what or who you are, there should be information in here you can use! I have included both the medicinal and the magical uses of the herbs listed here.
Herbal Information Center ***
This site contains very complete information about many herbs as well a usefull Vitamine guide.
Reference Guide for Herbs **
This guide gives an overview and information on approximately 30 herbs. You find the commun uses for each of these herbs.
Henrietta's Herbal
Learn about medicinal plants on this wonderful site. You will find many FAQs on herb related subjects, an archives area, pictures of plants from the world over and a plant name database. Students should acquire general knowledge about how plants can effect health.
Silver Sage : The outrageous herbal lady
Here you will find wonderful articles on using herbs for medicinal uses, what herbs make wonderful baths, recipes (this'll liven up your cooking!) herbal history, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal lore, ritual uses of herbs....just about anything that has to do with herbs.
Hena's Herb Garden
Have you ever wanted to grow your own herbs? Make your own medicines and tinctures? Do you feel that there is an option to the realm of modern "medicine"? Do you want to utilize Mother Earth's energies and healing powers? Here is an easy to use directory to many different herbs, their growth cycles, uses, and folklore.
The Washington University Herb Garden
Your virtual footsteps will take you on a path that exists only in cyberspace. Which is say, when you visit the real Medicinal Herb Garden (as you should when you have the opportunity), you will find things are a bit more complicated than they might appear here. You may credit this to the superior fractal algorithms used in rendering the real garden. Nevertheless, the images presented here may give you a taste of the riches that are stored in these scant hectares of real estate, believed by some to be the largest medicinal herb garden in the Western Hemisphere.
Massage Therapy for Health and Fitness
Massage affects the body as a whole. To understand how massage therapy works, some of the physiological effects of massage need to be briefly examined.
Music Therapy Info Link
This site was created as a place to gather information, help open the lines of communication and networking, and educate the public about the field of music therapy. It is my hope, as both the author of this web site and a music therapist, that those who visit will not only find valuable and pertinent information, but will discover MUSIC THERAPY INFO LINK to be a place where one can network with collegues, meet new friends, and share the love of music

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