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Webducator with resume

World University Online firmly believes that motivation, intelligence and passion are the three ingredients to being good at what you do.  Experience can be a bonus but without the other three it ain't worth squat.  So if you think you got what it takes to contribute to World University Online please send the following information to  Recruit@WorldUOnline.com.

1/ Tell us why you think you could do a good job. Logical, no?

2/ Answer the following questions :
How do you think new technologies will enhance education?
What ideas do you have that would make World University Online more enjoyable to users?
If you were to start your own Internet based business, what would it be?

3/ Give us a bit of background Information about yourself. This can be in a resume format or any other format you wish.

A good sense of humour is a definate plus.

Looking forward to hearing from you,




The Toad Ahead

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.