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Public Speaking

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Webducation guide: Public Speaking

Webducator: Could B U
Guide Producer: Nandini Sarkar
Virtual Presentation Assistant *** WorldU Top Pick ***
An online tutorial that has it ALL.   From where to research your topic to how to present it including visual aids and the use of humour. Sure to help you veni, vidi, vici audiences. Also, great links for public speaking resources.
Edward Tufte on Public Speaking ****
An E.T. refresher! Lucidly presented, these are hard to forget pointers to woo "hard to win" audiences.
Marketing Library ****
Billed, 'The Best Marketing Speeches on Earth!', this side has a goodly collection of speeches by corporate biggies that you can listen to. You will find a wide array of topics: Building a Bulletproof Brand, See You at the Top, Reengineering the Work Force, Selling Against Price, and many more.
Net Tech ****
A must visit site. Presentation Technology Resources for those who want to get more out of their (you guessed it) presentation software. Also, other suggested resources - magazines, books et al.
Audio Graphics Video Resources ****
"Appropriate visuals and sounds convey your audience to exquisite locations. Or, they can sell your idea or product."   To help you light up your presentations, this site provides superb audio-graphics-video links. Also included are "General Presentation Tips", which are more particular than you would think.
SpCom 100A-Workbook ****  
A helpful tutor, this site comes with worksheets that should definitely help clear your thinking processes. Along with other pointers, good advice on remaining audience centred (take them for granted and you'll be the more miserable of the two) and formulating a residual message that will linger in the audience's mind.
Effective Presentations ***
Aimed at those making scientific presentations, this site will nonetheless service anybody wanting to make an effective presentation. A striking analogy is drawn between a presentation and a backpacking expedition - after you are fully prepared, open the backpack and remove between 1/3 to 1/2 of its contents.... then... head for the hills - there will be more spring in your step and it will be easier to recover if you stumble.
Presentation Skills, Public Speaking and Meeting Planner Articles ***
Get it all from a professional speaker - Stage Fright Strategies, Wake 'em Up Presentations, Humour, Articles for Speakers, a 100-Question Speaker Quiz, Ways to Plan more Fun & Excitement at Meetings. Also, a free subscription to Great Speaking. Tom Antion speaks from experience; surely there are lessons to be learnt here.
Executive Speaker Company ***  
A major attraction here is a free download of Tom Kirby's, 117 Ideas for Better Business Presentations, reportedly one of the most popular presentation guides. There are also selected speeches by executives, openings, closings, quotations, humour ( "before I speak, I have something important to say." )
Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website ***
Neatly divided into five modules:- assess, analyze, research, organize, deliver. Comes with audio examples, Interactive Activities and annotated with Notes from the Instructor.

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