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Course : Business Plans
Professor : Marc BOLH
Email : DeanB@WorldUOnline.com

BizPlanIt.com ** WorldU Top Pick **
An excellent site chalk full of educational material by BizPlanIt, a internet based consulting firm offering customized business plan services and software. The Virtual BizPlan section under Free Resources offers some of the best advise we’ve seen. Each of the major sections of your plan is described in detail that includes BizBasics and Common Mistakes to Avoid. This site is a must for any online entrepreneur!
Bplans.com ****
One of the most popular sites on the web as judged by the number of awards that it has received. Bplans is totally focused on the area of Business Plans. You will find a set of tools supplied by Palo Alto Software as well as many useful articles. The most original aspect of the site is a set of 20 sample business plans that you can use to inspire your writing.
Writing a Business Plan from Planware ***  
A tutorial on writing a Business Plan written with the help of Invest-Tech management consultants and the Dublin Business Innovation Center. The topics cover every phase from Preparing a Strategic Plan to Making Cash Flow Forecasts. We particularly appreciated the free Word template and Excel Spreadsheet for financial planning.
Creating an Effective Business Plan ***
Brought to you by American Express, the Small Business Exchange does a nice job with the subject of Business Plans effectiveness. Subjects covered include The Market, Management and Financials. The most original feature is the Try it Yourself section that lets you test your skills in preparing a mock business plan.
The Fine Art of Writing a Business Plan by Inc. Magazine ***
According to Inc. Magazine, only 47% of the Inc. 500 CEOs actually wrote a business plan to get started. Never the less, many high tech start-ups are completely dependent on venture capital and so a Business Plan is a must. You will find a collection of articles on subjects such as Due Diligence and Directional Signals. One of the best articles is called Garbage In, Garbage Out and deals with business plan software.
Raining Money Funding Notebook ***
Who could resist a title like that? Brought to you by Business Finance, this free notebook gives a step-by-step methodology for requesting capital. Sections include Letting the Funds Know Where You Are and Pinpointing the Amount you Need. Cash Flow Modeling provides a rigorous way of looking at this all important aspect of your launch..
The Worst Mistakes Made ***
Based on a survey of Venture Capital Companies, this survey list the 8 major mistakes that most entrepreneurs make when writing a Business Plan. Number one on the list is that "Entrepreneurs are not clear in explaining the opportunity." Unrealistic projections and simplistic assumptions are high on the list as well.
Business Plan Tutorial **  
Outline and self paced activity for writing a business plan provided by the Small Business Association. Sections covered include The Business, Financial Data and Supporting Documents. The best part of the site is a set of exercises that help you build the essential sections of your plan.
Preparing a Business Plan **  
Brought to you by the British Columbia Business Center, this site gives a concise overview of the major section of a business plan. Sections covered include Business Concept, Financial Plan and approaching an investor. The most interesting feature is a section on attracting investors that offers a practical networking approach.
Business and Marketing Plans **
The Business Resource Center maintains this list of articles and sample business plans. You will find a sample plan for a fictitious consulting firm and a computer company. The list of articles in the marketing department is quite complete. 

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