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  Education is the next Cyber Tsunami...

Quiz : Web Site Promotion

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1. Unless you are catering to people that you know have TI bandwidth, you should keep your maximum page size to under…

2. What company provides the keyword search results for over 20 popular search engines including Yahoo and HotBot?
Alta Vista
Verity Software

3. Which of the following is NOT a good reason to place descriptive text in the ALT tags behind graphics?
Some users browse with graphics loading turned off.
Users can navigate quicker by clicking on a button before the graphics load.
Some search engines index graphics descriptions along with other tags.
It is a good way to include secret messages in your pages.

4. Which of the following tags has the greatest impact on popular search engines?
META Name="description" ...
META Name="keywords" ...
META Name="XXX" ...

5. Not all sites users have high resolution screens and the ability to display 16 million colors. What is the maximum number of colors you should use for web graphics?
16 colors
216 colors
256 colors
Up to 16 bit color encoding.

6. The typical lag time between registering a site in a search engine and seeing the results is typically…
A few hours.
A few days.
A few weeks.
A few months.

7. Link Exchange programs are a popular low-cost way of increasing traffic on your site. Which of the following is not a major risk when subscribing to most popular programs?
Getting buried in a long list.
Having your site deleted over time.
Exchanging links with low quality sites.
Banner adds for porno sites appearing on your site.

8. What is the cardinal sin to avoid with email distribution lists and discussion groups?
Posting messages unrelated to use interests.
Asking dumb questions and getting flamed to a crisp.
Flaming others to a crisp.
Posting unsolicited commercial messages.

9. Not all search engines support Meta Tags. Which do?
Infoseek & Altavista
Excite & Open Text
Open Text & Lycos
Lycos & Excite

10. Doorway pages are sites with nothing but a title and button to enter. Why do so many sites have them?
They let you block unwanted members.
They make it possible to achieve high density of keywords and good rankings in the search engines.
They generate banner adds by making users click one more time to get what they are after.
You can grab people’s credit card numbers on the way in.

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