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Course : Yoga, The Art of Balanced Living
Webducator : Cyber Yogi wanted
Course Producer : Nandini SARKAR
Email : Faculty@WorldUOnline.com
Ramakrishna Mission ****  
Of all the yoga apostles to emerge in India, the greatest is undoubtedly Ramakrishna. His teachings are in the simplest language, with engaging parables and striking metaphors as illustrations. An essential and captivating read is the Gospel of Ramakrishna, recorded conversations of the Master, translated into English by Nikhilananda. Sri Ramakisna's message has drawn brilliant men and women from all walks of life in India and the Mission has scholars of the first rank as monks. Many noted writers and philosophers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy, Aldous Huxley, Christopher Isherwood, Thomas Merton, Arnold Toynbee and Joseph Campbell have been deeply impressed and influenced by him. If someone tells you to "Arise! Awake! And Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached!" (Vivekananda), what would you do?
Self-Realization Fellowship ****  
Washington Post - Jan 25,1927 -" ... (Yogananda) has broken all records for sustained interest..."     A curious American once asked Yogananda, noting his long hair and orange robe, "are you a fortune teller?" "No, I tell people how to mend their fortunes", was the inimitable reply.  Find out more about the life, works and Kriya Yoga dispensation of Paramahansa Yogananda, the author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi.  Translated into 14 languages and used in over 100 universities and colleges as required reading for courses in comparative religion, psychology, literature, philosophy, sociology and even biology!  No dry book this, Yogananda's wit and compelling narration will entertain if not educate. Also, get to know about the Master's home series of yoga Lessons that cover all aspects of the art of living including Energization Exercises (this came way before Aerobics), the law of success, how to succeed in business, developing dynamic will and the secret of a happy marriage... 
ANANDA **** 
Ananda was formed by Swami Kriyananda, J. Donald Walters, a direct disciple of Yogananda. Kriyananda's frank account, The Path, will make very interesting reading for Western readers. Ananda is a worldwide movement today, with residential communities in America and Europe. Learn about the Ananda Course in Self-Realization, the stunning Expanding Light Retreat, how-to-live schools, and much more. The outstanding feature of this gorgeous site is the God on the Job series, interviews of successful people who have applied the yoga principles of concentration and meditation in real life and got away with it.
Ammachi ****
Washington Post - Sunday, July 5, 1998 "A tiny woman... wrapped her arms around nearly 2,000 people yesterday..."   Amma spoke to the United Nations Interfaith Celebration in New York, where she told the convention: "The intellect has reached its peak, but the heart has remained dry. Knowledge without devotion is like eating stones...."  Amma is a religious leader and has been compared to Mother Teresa and Gandhi.  She has organized 24 schools and three orphanages as well as hospitals, hospices and shelters for battered women.
International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers ****  
An award winning site and justifiably so, this is your online reference point for yoga.  Find out about yoga schools, the chief yogic principles, meditation and a glossary of Sanskrit words. Deeply inspiring and electrifying are the Memories of Vishnudevananda, the founder, and the FAQs are very thought provoking, a good place to start. The founder was also known as Flying Swami, for his many peace missions around the world, some in a plane he himself chartered. This is a very user friendly site and there is a friendly hand guiding through eveything, including the live Satsang.  Also, get Yoga Life magazine online with interesting articles.
Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy ****  
Swami Rama, the founder the institute, came to America on the invitation of Dr. Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation of Topeka, Kansas. He amazed scientists by demonstrating, "under laboratory conditions, precise conscious control of autonomic physical responses and mental functioning - feats previously thought to be impossible".  Read about the Swami's life from his youth in the Himalayan monastries to being made a Shankaraharya, the highest spiritual position in India.  The Institute offers seminars and programs in hatha yoga, meditation, yoga philosophy, psychology and holistic health.
A PhD in Psychology, Yogi Bhajan brought his message of Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969. He has used his knowledge of yogic healing to establish a center to fight drug abuse, with a recovery rate of 91%, prison programs which utilized yoga and meditation to promote growth and self-esteem among prisoners, and spiritual conferences where thousands gathered together and learned healthier, happier, and holier (wholier) ways to live".Yogi Bhajan is also in the forefront of the trend toward healthier holistic food and supplements. Lectures of Yogi Bhajan are a compelling feature of this site, with topics that relate to everyday living.  Also check out the section on Yoga and Meditation for interesting insights.
Yogaville ****  
Swami Satchidananda, the founder, was the first person to receive an American visa under the title "Minister of Divine Words".  He is also affectionately referred to as the "Woodstock Guru". His Integral Yoga combines various methods of Yoga, including Hatha Yoga, breathing practices and relaxation techniques, selfless service and meditation that helps one to find inner peace and joy. Integral Yoga is at the foundation of Dr. Dean Ornish’s landmark work in reversing heart disease and Dr. Michael Lerner’s noted Commonweal Cancer Help program. The Swami serves on advisory boards of the International Yoga Teachers Association, European Union of National Yoga Federations, the British Wheel of Yoga and numerous peace and interfaith organizations.
Brahma Kumaris ****  
Although largely administered by women, this is an organization in which both women and men participate in a process of self-growth and personal development. On offer are free seminars and courses on a host of relevant topics such as Stress Mamnagement, Leadership, Positive Thinking and Step-by-Step Meditation.   Faces and Feelings, where people relate personal experiences with meditation, is a good place to start.
Inner Light and Sound Meditation ***  
Learn the Secret of Life, Practical Aspects of Spiritual Life and Light and Sound Meditation. The founder, Sant Thakar Singh, a civil engineer who retired on a pension from the Indian civil service is a glowing demonstration that yogis have their feet planted firmly on the ground. Now a worldwide movement, this path advocates love, discipline and self control. "Daily practice with loving faith in all sincerity and humility is the cornerstone around which each disciple must turn so as to make progress."

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