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Public Speaking - Giving a presentation can stretch your Business English skills to the limit. Why sweat it alone when you can get pointers and sample presentations from the pros?
Got a great idea for a movie?  Learn about the ins-and-outs of the trade with our Webducation Guide for Screenwriters.  It's brought to you straight from Hollywood by Blake Thomas of Desktop Films.
Writing Effective Business Plans
Entrepreneurs don’t like writing them and investors don’t like reading them and yet Business Plans are a necessary part of attracting capital to your cyber venture. Learn about the how to make yours more effective. Quiz

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Cyber Law, Legal issues and the Internet
Has a Cybersquatter tied up your domain name? What legal leverage do you have? How do you protect your own intellectual property? Find the answers to these questions and more by following our course outline. Quiz

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Venture Capital
Sell you equity, not your soul ! The line between Venture Capital and Vulture Capital is thin indeed. Make sure you learn all you can with this course on financing your start-up so that you can tell apart Business Angels from Business Devils.
Yoga : The Art of a Balanced Life
You may be disgustingly wealthy and disgustingly healthy but are you happy? Take our course and discover that "something else" that may bring you serenity from a life of cyber stress. "Yoga is for everybody....West as well as East", said Yogananda. If Micheal Milken is doing it, then maybe you should too. Quiz

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Web Site Promotion
So you want to be the EBAY of Katmandu? Well you have to get the word out and the search engines are still the most cost effective way to go. Learn the tricks of the trade with this popular course. Quiz

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Press Relations for Cyber Entrepreneurs
Good press coverage is a key factor in the success of many hi-tech start-ups.  Get the "scoop" directly from well-known reporters on how to get your efforts covered by the press. Quiz

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Teaching in Cyber Space
Teachers are leading the nation into the Knowledge Age and is no dearth of web material to help them. Find the best that the web has to offer with our new course for teachers and educators. Quiz

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Employee Rights
Bad human resource policy is a no-win situation. Employees become increasing demoralized and the effects eventually translate in to sub-standard performance for the company. This course by Kristina Winston, a paralegal from the Boston area, explores different forms of discrimination and wrongful acts in the hopes of improving relationships in the workplace.
SERENDIP ! Like the fairy tale princes in Walpole's classic, make a happy voyage of discovery through the intricate net of web based Journalism. Get wired to international newspapers and other news sources. You’ll find a wealth of news stories, quotes and expert opinions online.  Other sites include hotzones, news slip-ups, great ideas for copy as well as online interaction with other journalists.
Diet and Nutrition
Eat Healthy, Be Happy.  So you think eating right was just a fad of the bored 90s. Or, they're about dull, dull meals and shedding those extras. Well, think again and try our new course. These are stressful times,and adding just a dash of thought to your meals can pepper up your lifestyle, helping you stay fit physically, mentally and spiritually. Quiz

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International Taxation
The idea of a Tax Haven may sound appealing but beware, many tax schemes are illegal and you could go to jail if you are not well informed. Those looking for legal ways to optimize tax liabilities for legitimate cross border activities will this a very rewarding course, thanks to the work of Professor Rich Iceguard.
One of the most developed subjects we have found so far in terms of free educational material on the Internet. Complete with pedagogical material, online books and tests, this is just a taste of what is to come in education.  Professor Nathalie Mathieu publishes her third course on Economics after Monetary Economics and the Euro.
Hot Air Ballooning
It’s been called the last great aviation challenge, to circumnavigate the globe in a Hot Air Balloon. Bertrand Picard, Brian Jones, Richard Brandson, Steve Fossett and others have drawn attention to a sport that is gaining rapidly in popularity. Before you fly up, up and away, take our course by Professor Christian Oriol.
Personal Taxes 1999
Do us all a favor, pay more taxes !  Unless of course you are a little tight for cash in which case we recommend that you answer 10 questions and possible pay less. We hope that you find it to be a rich learning experience.

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On January 4th 1999 the Euro made its debut on financial markets around the world. Do you know how this will effect your company, your portfolio or your summer vacation to Tuscany? Find out now with this course on the Euro by World University professor Nathalie MATHIEU, who also teaches Monetary Economics.
Mythology, The Gods of Love (Take the Love Quiz)
You will learn all about the Gods of Mythology that effect our modern day mating habits.  Includes stories about Aphrodite's magic girdle, Medusa's snake due and Uranus's unfortunate loss.

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Alternative Medicine
More and more people are turning to natural treatments for ailments such as insomnia, stress and allergies. But beware, alternative medicine is an area in which it is essential to separate fact from fiction.
Enology "Study of Wine"
Enology is the study of wines. World University’s newest course is in this most appreciable field. As you know, World University promotes education that is interesting and useful and this course is both. When you are done, why not brush up on your French.
Medical Documentation
This course is well suited to professionals in the medical field who wish to keep their knowledge current by consulting the best medical journals and professional associations available on the web. 
Web Publishing
Have you ever wanted to produce professional looking web pages without wasting your time.  Web Publishing 101 will expose you to a multitude of sites dedicated to helping you learn HTML, XML, Java, FrontPage as well as the techniques associated with graphic design and page layout. 
Health Care Economics
Learn about the Economics of Healthcare and you can take over where the Bill and Hillary left off. 
Learning French
Discover a collection of sites dedicated to helping you learn the original romance language.  You will find a dictionary, verb conjugator and many other tools and lecons to help you learn quickly and in an interesting way. 
Monetary Economics
Alain Greenspan, watch out. This course is just what you need to play central banker in your very own banana republic.
World War II History
Its not just for breakfast anymore. Take a trip through history and learn about all the detail of World War II from the Big Guy himself, Professor BARRANDON.

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WorldU is looking for Professors and Associate Deans to develop the following educational materials. You just develop the content and leave the HTML and marketing to us.

Colleges under construction

College of Journalism
College of Cyber Entrepreneurship
College of Education
College of Investing
College of Web Technologies
College of Romance Languages

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Courses under construction

Internet Telephony
MP3 Technology
Venture Capital
History of the Balkans
Safe Sex in the 90’s
Film Producing
English as a second language

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