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Course : Diet and Nutrition
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Course Producer : Nandini SARKAR
Email : Faculty@WorldUOnline.com

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International Food Information Council Foundation
An excellent site that gives a wealth of information, clearly and simply, without making you dizzy.
The "Food Safety and Nutrition" portion has interesting sections on Adult Nutrition and Health, helpful tips for Child Nutrition and Health, Lifestyle choices & Physical Activity, Fats & Fats Replacers, Functional Foods and so on. "Food Insight" serves up surveys and reports, sections for Reporters and Educators to check out. "Additional Resources" for information on agencies and associations (US and International), and a "What's New" for more featured articles on current topics.
Natural Land
This superb site is as cool and refreshing as it sounds. There are a host of "Villages" that cater to your needs-Nutri Village, Health Village, Herbal Village, Weight Loss Village, Cooking Village, Organic Village, Veggie Village, Crafts Village, Energy & Fitness Village---have fun visiting ! This amazing site has more news, free email newsletter, discussion groups and a bonus ! a free e-greeting cards section.
You Are What You Eat
If you're still not convinced that Nutrition is important for you, this site will help you configure your "Nutritional Profile" (see Intoduction), to show you why it is important.  Convinced ? Then start learning the "Basics of Nutrition". Let "Food Planner" lessen your agonies on planning meals. "Food Counter" lets you count your last meal and compare with you should be eating. Search the "Food Database" for a specific food's nutritional information, learn about nutrients, dieting and exercise, the joys of veg food...
Diet Watch
Good News! You're not alone on D & N planet ( Did you really think you were ? Congrats for launching off, anyway) Enrol free for your personal nutrition and exercise diary, to monitor nutrition and weight, on a daily basis.Get an expert to answer your Qs, read up other Q&As, get inspiration from success stories, drop into the chat rooms, join the discussion groups, send email messages throughout the Dietwatch community--- (now you know why we're asking you to get the right diet and nutrition)
Wellness Web
Another great & informative site with nutri news, recipes for the young,adults, and the old, healthy meals and snacks, nutri needs during pregnancy, nutrition and disease, required nutrients, vitamins, mineral supplements, herbs,food safety---(I TOLD you, you would be needing those vitamins!)
Seriously,only someone in coma would sleep over this wonderful information.
Eat 5 A DAY
This site is based on the US National Cancer Institute's recommendation to eat at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables each day as part of a high fibre, low fat diet.Sections on nutri value of frozen foods and vegetables(I love this,it's getting easier!),5-a- Day menus,recipes,kids...
GreenTree-Wellness Centre
Excellent A-Z Articles to bullseye with your nutri arrows (I'm sure you have a stack by now )
Ask your nutri Qs.Keep up with the latest health News.Subscribe to the free newsletter.Post messages and join the live chat.
Dairy Council of CA Kids & Families
Good site for parents to rope in the teenagers & kids.Focus on bone building calcium foods. Sounds boring? It isn't.Check out the Kids & Families section for fun recipes, a Food Pyramid game, a Personal Fitness Planner for teens and interesting Kids Links like the 'Kids Food Cyber Club'. Parents-- tired of picky eaters? Share your problems and get help in understanding your children better. Also News, sections for Health Pros and Educators,other hot web sites.
Centre for Science in The Public Interest
Publishers of 'Nutrition Action Newsletter',with reportedly over 1,000,000 member subscribers. Seeks to promote health through education of the public about nutrition and alcohol.Lots of featured articles to satisfy fact finders; nutri quizzes,links to other sites,health and nutri campaigns...
Functional Foods for Health
For D&N professionals,students and those interested in learning more. This site has good links to other informational sites such as-Soy & Human Health,Ask an Expert, University of Illinois Deptt of Food Science and Human Nutrition,Nutrition Analysis Tools...

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