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Course : Employee Rights
Professor : Kristina Winston
Email : GlenWinston@email.msn.com
Employment Law Forum of California **WorldU Top Pick**
Created by Mortimer Law Offices, a prominent San Francisco law firm specializing in employment claims, this site contains valuable information for employers and employees. You will learn the most from the following sections: What is Employment Law all about, Case Watch, Media Stories, Lawyer Watch and useful links to government agencies. We found Case Watch to be the best feature of the site because in gives the basic facts of interesting cases as well as short analysis written for lawyers and layman alike.
Discrimination Attorney ****
Many terminations that most people think of as illegal are not. However, employers cannot fire an employee because he has come across illegal or doubtful acts and tries to correct them. The section on wrongful termination is the most useful section that we found on this site. Other sections include various forms of discrimination, harassment and benefits & contracts.
Nolo Press - The self help Law Center ***
Contains good advice in plain English. This section covers what you should know about Workplace rights as they apply to discrimination, sexual harassment, fair pay & time off, independent contractors and losing a job. You should read through all of the preceding sections in order to gain broad understanding of their rights in order to define a strategy in case some of their rights are violated.
Wrongful Termination Cases **
Did you know that 70% of wrongful termination cases in California were decided in favor of the employee with an average award of over $500.000? This site gives some interesting facts and statistics about recent cases in California. We regret that there are no extracts of rulings or pointers to detailed information.
National Employment Lawyers Association **
Employers often have the upper hand in employment disputes because they pay for lawyer’s fees out of the company coffers instead of their kid's college fund. NELA is a non-profit organization of over 3,500 lawyers that aims to create a more level playing field by assisting victims of discrimination and wrongful termination. Educational sections on the site include What's New, The Affirmative Action facts sheet and Employment Cases. We regret that parts of The Employee Advocate newsletter are not published for free to assist employees looking for information.
Legal Information Institute at Cornell University ***
Geared toward legal professionals, the LII contains in-depth information in areas impacting labor disputes. Sections on collective bargaining, employment discrimination, workman's compensation and pensions provide informative material. The distinguishing feature of the site is a guide including links to specific topics in the US Labor Code.
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation **
Abusive human resources policies are well understood but what happens when a union boss violates your right to work? This site provides free information about cases and law, an employee guide to union dues and a legal brief on union discipline. The most interesting part of the site is an eye opening section on the myth of declining union power.
Sexual Harassment: What Every Working Woman Needs to Know *
This site serves as a guide to identify sexual harassment in the work place and deal with it legally. Sections include examples of sexual harassment, what the law says and what you can do about it. The best feature is a checklist of things to do in case you feel you are a victim.
Disabled and Mistreated by your employer ***
This site is filled with valuable information regarding rights available for employees who are disabled and individual's rights regarding protected leave from work. This site was created by an individual, not a lawyer, to help individuals who have been treated poorly be their employer. Among other things, the site includes information regarding Workers Compensation, Women's Bureau, information specifically for deaf employees, stories of success and horror, (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act, (FMLA) The Family and Medical Leave Act, and much much more.
Employer - Employee **
An interesting attempt to take an objective view in dealing with common areas of contention between employers and employees. Sections include sexual harassment, firing your boss, employee motivation and employee burnout. We especially appreciate the section on encouraging creativity by recognizing people's work and encouraging them to change jobs inside of the company to learn new skills.

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