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Course : International Taxation
Professor : Rich Iceguard
Email : Faculty@WorldUOnline.com


The SCF Group **WorldU Top Pick**
Probably one of the most complete sites on advise for legally reducing tax liabilities through tax offshore investments.  A well written tutorial guides the visitor through subject matters such as establishing proprietorships, partnerships and trusts.  Another area deals with domicile and residency issues.  Students should develop a good knowledge of taxation fundamentals from this site.
Cyberhaven ****
A collection of learning materials by Adam Fairchild, a former consultant and author of books on tax havens since 1974.  Adam has organised a large number of his essays in three libraries including the offshore library, the investor's library and the tax library.  Each one contains over 20 multi-pages articles on different topics such as Using Tax Haven's Legitimately and Offshore Banking is not Evil.  There are over 40 sub-chapters of his latest book : The Offshore Entrepreneur : Profit and Opportunity have no borders.  This site reads like a text book and students should learn about legal offshore investing strategies.
Shelton's International Tax Training ****
In order to attract people to its International Tax Seminaires, Sheltons publishes fairly complete extracts from its course work on this site. Special attention is given to holding companies in Europe as an effective means of optimising taxation for companies doing business internationally. Sections of interest include Tax information, 20 Tax tips and information on the new tax laws in Denmark put in place to compete with the Netherlands. The best feature of the site is an extensive comparaison of 9 European company tax regimes.
Country Tax Facts - KPMG ****
Ready to do some heavy lifting?  KPMG has written over 50 reports from 10 to 50 pages on the various tax advantages and disadvantages of tax regimes from Luxembourg to Tajikistan.  You will find high quality information from one of the most respected accounting and auditing firms. Reports include sections such as corporate taxes, individual taxes, residence requirements, anti-avoidance mesures and tax treaties. Documents are exclusively available in Adobe Acrobat format and are about 200k in size.   We applaud KPMG's initiative to make such indepth information and analysis available for free.
The Research Press Inc. ***
Contains quite a few free educational ressources on Offshore tax issues including one page articles on tax issues, a library of full length articles and a moderated discussion and email forum. Sub-sections in the Offshore Tax strategies part of the site include foreign investing, tax payers rights and foreign tax scams. We especially appreciate the straight talk on tax fraud. Authors Vernon K Jacobs, CPA and Richard Duke, LLM are quick to note that many crooks prey off of honest individuals who wish to reduce their tax burden through legal tax avoidance strategies. If it sounds too good it probably is. We found the descriptions of foriegn tax scams and offshore scams to be the most useful part of the site.
Utlands Juristens (Offshore Law) **
Sweden has historically taxed its citizens to death. That may be one reason why 1/8th of the population lives abroad. This site does a good job of describing the principals of taxation in the U.K., Ireland, Gibraltar and other tax havens. A one page description of domiciled versus resident status gives a good overview of why so many foreign nationals have set up shop in England. This is the most instructive part of the site.
The Offshore Citizen **
There are only meager offerings of educational value on this site that are provided as an encouragement for subscribing to the newletter. Some of the front pages of previous newsletters are listed but were not available when we reviewed the site. The best section we found was a set of articles descibing various tax havens such as the Caymen Island, Malta and Alderney.
Taxation of Internet Commerce by Zak Muskovitch **
The growth of Internet commerce is at the heart of the most interesting questions being debated with respect to international taxation. This research paper draws from over 50 referenced sources of information. Zak compares burgeoning Internet commerce to the development of the Silk Road which was used for trade with China (circa 2en century BC). Pertinant sections to this course outline include "a jurisdiction framework for internet commerce" and "the effect of the internet on tax laws". We regret that the paper has not been updated since its original publication in April 1996.
International Tax Links **
You will find one of the most complete web directories on International Taxation at TaxSites.com There are over 100 sites listed in sections such as CPA Firm ressources, country specific sites and other ressources.
International Taxation from West Law *
More heavy lifting here, folks. West Law has become one of the premier internet sites for lawyers but most of the interesting information is on a subscription only basis. The site provides a handful of court decisions dealing with international taxation issues that can be consulted for free. They mainly deal with cases of US based foreign investment and are written in legal brief format.

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