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Course : Journalism
Sponsor : Could B U
Course Producer : Nandini SARKAR
Email : Faculty@WorldUOnline.com
AJR News Link  **WorldU Top Pick**
GOLD! A high content, high quality, resourceful, searchable site, with a bonus JobLink for Journalists. 9,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide. Hook up to all the major media players, and get stories, ideas, analyses from all corners of the global village. Interesting bylines and articles to help you keep up.
Reporter.org ****
Treasure Island ! ( A must-visit site ) Founded by Investigative Reporters & Editors to provide a variety of resources for journalists, journalism educators, and the public via the web. The "beat page" breaks the news to you and "news on the net" has sections on Current Stories, Current Technology and Major News Sources. Stop at "Resource Center" for a database of over 10,000 investigative stories. From "Coffee Maker", pour mailing lists for net conferencing. A variety of internet services too and links to other journalism sites.
PR Newswire ****
Cove in! A very well structured site , with separate sections for journalists, pr/ir people, for investors and for everyone (includes prn bookstore , snow country, car connection- an internet automotive magazine). Course through the news reefs -today's news, company news, features, tv on the web, a unique mountain news, ski news.   Other sections include the Automotive , Entertainment, Healthcare/Biotechnology , Technology, Energy, Financial, Washington and the World pages. Other useful links to the NY Times Syndicate's , Computers News Daily, and , Your Health Daily. PR Newswire can also be used to manage all your information distribution needs, "around the corner or around the globe".
Facsnet ***
Another worthy service for journalists, by journalists. Register free to utilize their services. Internet Resources, with links to internet sources, is still in the development stages but sail smoothly through the neatly designed Top Issues section. Reporting Tools provides briefing & background material to help you report clear answers to complex questions. Sources Online helps you to write up a story by providing tools for tracking down information via a database of experts, an address book of think tanks, special interest organizations, advocacy groups and information on the private sector. Look at Media Education for information on conferences, seminars, and institutes sponsored by FACS and other journalism education organizations.
A much needed guide for foreign correspondents navigating through burning areas such as Bosnia and Rwanda. Sections on "What to Bring" and "Who to Trust" may be just what you need. You will find compelling pictures from the front of the world’s "hot zones".
Slipup *
Funny and informative but don't rock the boat. Your guide to slip-ups in the media contains a listing of recent foul ups from well known newspapers and wire services. Confess! and log in YOUR trip-ups.
The Slot ***
Dive! The site has been developed by and for copy editors and in case you are not sure, a section on "What exactly is a copy editor" leaves no doubt. The Curmudgeon’s Stylebook is the "heart" of this site and will help you steer clear of the many things that can go wrong in print. The analysis gets keener in Sharp Points in which author Bill Walsh becomes "even more opinionated". Is it "fack" or "ef-ay-cue": drop anchor at FAQ.
The National Diversity Newspaper Job Bank ***
This is BBB (bread & butter bridge)! Started in cooperation with The Times-Union's parent company, Morris Communications Corp., this site "quickly gained national and international attention" as one of the most comprehensive listing services for the industry in the US. The site receives "thousands of inquiries per month and dozens of openings per week". Posts openings in all aspects of the news business, from advertising and editorial to public relations and circulation. Questions? Steer to the site.
The Journalist's Resource Site ***
Scores of information on relevant topics such as Journalism Copyright & Ethics, Freedom of Information, Jobs across the media (including internet jobs), News Groups, Newsletters, Organization groups, Legal Sites, Research resources as well as Writing Sites. One of the most complete collection of links on the web with over 100 sites.
Yearbook News ***
The makers call it "a search engine for the news media". On offer for journalists : a free copy of the 17th Annual Yearbook of Experts, Authorities, & Spokespersons (see, serendipity has its uses !). Yearbook News is an interactive guide to many leading experts, on topics ranging from "lawsuits to landfills". Also, if you're looking for a source or a quote to complement your story, you're only a few keystrokes away. For upcoming events and news releases cruise to DaybookNews.

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