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Webducation guide: Mythology, Gods of Love
Webducator: Glen & Kristina Winston
The Encyclopedia Mythica *** WorldU Top Pick ***
This is a great encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more. It contains over 4000 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings, legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. Go to the search engine and look up articles on Cupid and Aphrodite and learn the legends of these two love torn characters.
Perseus Project *****
Created and maintained by Tufts University, the Perseus project is a virtual library for studying the ancient world.  You will find a ton of articles on art and archeology.  You can find inteting sources of info on all of the major Gods and Godesses of Greek and Roman mythology such as Venus, Eros, Cupid and Aphrodite that impact modern Valentine's day.
The Gods of Saint Valentine's Day *****
Read up on the history of Valentine's day from its origins in Roman Times and the two saints to whom it is credited.  You will also learn about the galloping love life of Eros, later named Cupid by the romans.    Other parts of the site trace the history of Valentine's day to the Roman feast Lupercalia.
Mythnet ****  
The perfect preparation for Valentine's day, uou will find 8 "Tales of lovers" as well as the well known story of Cupid and Psyche.  Please read the entire list of Tales in order to improve your knowledge of love in the Mythological era, especially that of Piramus and Thisbe, the original girl next door story.  Be sure to check out the Genealogical charts so as to brush up one your "whom begat whom".
The Dictionary of Mythology ****
This dictionary has the definitions of over a 1000 Greek Gods, politicians and other characters of  the golden age of Mythology.  You will also find a virtual tour of Rome as well as sections on Roman History and Roman Life.  Students should learn the origins of the major mythological characters and read up on Roman History to see how this time period continues to influence the present.
MythWeb ****
Mythweb is devoted to the Heros and Gods of Mythology.  You will also find an abridged and long version of Homer's Odyssey as well as an Encyclopedia of Greek mythological names and places.  The site maintains a special section for teachers to provide them with the ressources necessary for teaching the subject matter.  The site does a very good job of telling the story of Aphrodite, one of the better known love gods.
GreekMyth ****
A very original site that was born out of one professor's field trips to Greece.  The tales told by "Myth Man" are humourous and racy adaptations of the well known Greek Legends.  If you like your mythology hot and spicy, "Myth Man" serves it up right. The current myth of the month deals with our favorite lass, Aphrodite. This site does a great job of making learning fun.  WorldU salutes this innovative way of teaching mythology.
Poseidon ****
This site describes the tale of Poseidon and his love affaires with Medusa, Demeter and his wife Athena. You should learn what can happen to your mistress if you make love in your wife's temple.  You will also learn how Poseidon became one of the most powerful gods, ruling the sea.
Valentine's day exposed as Paganism ***  
Quite a different take on Valentine's Day to be found here.  The author of this site has assembled some extracts of writings on Valentine's day history.  You will learn about how Luperci ran around Rome scantily dressed in a goatskin girtle but please do not try his technique for making women fertile.
Ancient Sites ***  
Ancient sites lets you take your place in history by moving to a virtual city, joining a virtual family and participating in chat rooms with other who are interested in ancient lands and mythology.  One of the best sites going for community interaction on the web, this is a great place to exchange information on the "love gods" once you have completed the course.


You are here : Home > Guides >Mythology, Gods of Love

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