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Webducation guide: Screenwriting

Webducator: Blake Thomas, Desktop Films
Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle *** WorldU Top Pick ***
Nice Screenwriting site with a lot of links.  A great "one stop shopping" website complete with news, perspective and references for the would-be-screenwriter. Best feature is its "Survival Guide E-Book" - an online reference source complete with agency, studio and production company contact information.
Wordplay *****
A good site for beginning screenwriters, run by the guys who wrote MASK OF ZORRO. Complete with letters, columns and opinions from industry professionals working in Hollywood. Practical advise and real world perspective from people who are screenwriting today.
In Hollywood ****
Offers a free trial of their site, which is essentially studio system online (but without the agent info). This enables you to get complete credits on actors, writers, directors, etc. Useful for screenwriters when sending out blind submission letters.
Drew's Script-O-Rama ****
Lots and lots of scripts to download in both Word and HTML formats.  Good source for screenwriting in action.
Script Sales ***
Offers a list of recently purchased specs and pitches for screenwriters everywhere.
Sreenwriters Utopia ***  
Lots of interviews, advise and articles. Even links to internet based screenwriting classes.
Roughcut ***
Run by TNT, a companion to their Rough Cut TV show.
Ain't it cool? News ***  
Harry Knowles' filmgeek site... best known as a great place to get info on preview screenings of new movies.
ShowBiz Data ***  
Provides free daily updates of top-ten box office data.  Sort of Screenwriting countdown.
Daily Variety ***
Worth checking out...
Webducator Blake Thomas is moving up the charts.  His latest film, GuyPlanet is the most watched clip on Shortbuzz as of the 7th of February.
Desktop Films is a startup enterprise engaged in the development and production of "Dark Redemption", a serialized thriller about a skeptical  Deputy Sheriff who becomes an unlikely hero when supernatural forces lay  siege to a small Texas town. "Dark Redemption" is an hour long, direct to consumer episodic program- shot on Mini DV and released on DVD. The easiest  way to describe the series is "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" type stories told with an "X-files" sensibility. Desktop Films is currently securing   financing, and we hope to begin production of "Dark Redemption" in the coming months. Blake Thomas, Zonka17@hotmail.com

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