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Course : Personal Taxes 1999
Professor : Andrew Weinstein
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The IRS Digital Daily ***
The IRS' homepage, which provides daily updates on the most recent tax law changes. The site also contains tax forms that can be downloaded. A special section is devoted to new ways to save on your 1998 taxes, bless their hearts;-)  It contains the three main tax loopholes for young families : the Child Tax Credit, the Higher Education Tax Credit and the Roth Ira. You should read these three articles as well as the "Important Changes" section in order to avoid any mistakes on this year's taxes.
The Roth IRA Homepage **
Provides detailed analysis of the rules pertaining to Roth IRAs, the new retirement account legislation which provides for tax-freeinside build-up in an IRA, with no tax ever, even upon retirement. Contains some interesting articles written exclusively for the site as well as an up to date listing of important articles appearing in the press. You should use this site to determine if you eligible for a Roth IRA and under what conditions you would be at an advantage investing in or converting to a Roth IRA.
Tax Guide for Investors ****
Provides hundreds of pages of tax advice for investors, including recent news and articles. The Fairmark press has done a great job providing many educational chapters on the tax implications of earnings, investments, savings and tax planning in general. The section on investments is written by Kaye Thomas, a former editor of the Harvard Law Review. You should read all of the on Investing in order to master the basic principals of capital gains and losses.
Armchair Millionaire
The Armchair Millionaire is an "ivillage" or partnership with Quicken, the world leader in personal financial management software. It includes information for investors, lists of frequently asked questions and a complete set of IRS forms to help you do your taxes. Students should read up on Tips and Info to learn about changes in this years tax code and how they can benefit from them.
The Quicken Tax Center **
Provides information on recent tax changes, as well as a personal tax guide for individual taxpayers and a business tax guide for small businesses. You find sections on tax law changes, a personal tax guide as well as a very useful Tax estimator. There is even a section that lets you compare your returns against average returns for your income level to find out if you are missing any deductions.
Tax Logic
Provides simple answers to numerous personal and corporate tax questions. You will find a comprehensive section with FAQs, frequently asked questions and answers as will as a section on the latest news in personal taxation. You should read the following FAQs : Individual, Gift Trusts and Estates, IRS in order to gain useful knowledge on preparing individual’s returns.
Provides tax information and forms for individual taxpayers. This site is billed as "Tax information for everybody" and you will find useful sections on news and subjects of interest as well as many forms at the state and federal level. The site zeros in on specific topics such as moving deductions, home employment deductions and vehicle deductions.
Tax Analyst Home Page
Provides recent information regarding changes in the tax law, as well articles debating hot tax issues. Check out the sections dedicated to International tax issues as well as the Basic World Wide tax code. The site has discussion rooms for future taxation developments.
Tax News and Analysis, BNA
Provides recent tax news and articles. Best suited to those who have relatively good knowledge of taxation issues. You will find articles that describe in detail recent decisions by the tax courts. There are sections for Income, Estate, International as well as Non-profit organizations.
Tax History Project
Do you want to know how much Bill and Hillary declared on their tax return or if they declared Monica as a dependant? Well you can find out on this site as well as view the tax returns of Presidents Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Roosevelt. The Tax History Project was established to provide scholars, policymakers and students with information about the history of American taxation. You should read through the sections on the Price of Civilization and Tax Studies in order to develop a good knowledge of what inspired modern day tax code. Presidential tax returns and the cartoon gallery offer a humorous time out to your studies.

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