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Webducation Guide : Teaching in Cyber Space

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Course Producer : Nandini SARKAR
Email : Faculty@WorldUOnline.com
ZapMe! Netspace  **WorldU Top Pick**
Net, Set, Go!  This K-12 search engine is a good place to start, one which won't fail to give ideas, for all classroom levels. Peep into the Classrooms, look up the Library,open the Teacher's Toolbox, catch up with the latest at Newsstand, help your students with their Future...ready for coffee ? Drop by the  Entertainment section with your mug. A special section called Editor's Picks , helps you stay ahead with the latest in interesting news, views, discoveries...  
Lesson Stop ****  
A bestseller! Therese J. Sarah, the brain behind L.S., has gifted a marvellous site to educators. Her hard work,with results to show, is guaranteed to add flavour to your teaching efforts (you deserve it, for being here)   It may be very worthwhile to start with Planning Lessons, which takes you through topics like Avoid the Pitfalls of Mediocre Lesson Plans, Internet-ize your Lesson Plans ... then onto the major attraction- nearly 500 links,very usefully arranged by topic and grade(K-12), within seven subject areas and thousands of lesson plans.  Another grand (I'm running out of adjectives) feature, is the L.S. Lesson Plans, which includes comprehension, critical thinking questions, and other activities. Also a bonus - a free bi-monthly newsletter (want to be subscriber number 2201?) highlighing several online lesson plans.The beauty of this site is its simplicity - you are in no danger of losing your way on the information highway.
The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project ****  
Travel the world and the seven seas!   A multimedia odyssey made easy, with project learning.
Search the many specific activities, curriculum ideas,classroom examples, analysis of projects. Sail through the technology guides,interact with other teachers, learn about TTLM (Transforming Teaching & Learning with Multimedia)...  Explore, to find the right choice for your class; I know it makes me want a class rightaway
Teacher Talk Home Page ****  
Calm those Nerves!
A user friendly site for both preservice and secondary education teachers, the highly readable articles range from Icebreakers, to Attention Deficit Disorder, to all they didn't teach you at Training School. Says a preservice teacher,  "for those of us standing on the precipice of preservice teaching, it is a way to connect with professional teachers standing on the distant cliffs of real world education."
Special Education ****  
A well planned, and searchable site, clearly delineated into sections including Free Expert advice, Homework Help, Special Ed terms, Legal Resources, software, books...  Another very helpful feature of this site are the monthly editions; the May edition, for example, covers the new Braille created by a blind physicist, that deals with numbers much better than the normal Braille; also a new magazine about ADHD and ADD.   All-in-all, an excellent guide to help you help your special students surmount their barriers.
If the title doesn't say it all here are the goals of this great site: "To provide basic teaching tips to inexperienced teachers", "To provide new ideas in teaching methodologies for all teachers", "To provide a forum for experienced teachers to share their expertise and tips with colleagues around the world." This is an interactive site that welcomes your contributions, answers your questions, helps you reduce stress, invites you to chat....hey wait,there's MORE...
Gaze into the wonder world of K-6. Exhaustive (not exhausting) list of wannaknows, from early childhood, to curriculum subjects, to class management, child development, edu technology, edu news.......a site definitely worth visiting.
Take a deep breath and DIVE! into this oceanic ' library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the net'...
From Arts to Vocational Education, surf up the pearls of web based tutorials, projects activities, lesson plans, hotlists, resources...
Web Workshop Links  ***
Not convinced about spinning the web around your classes ? Try Why web in the Web in Education.  Go on to being tutored and trained in Web Basics, learn Appropriate Web Use and get very resourceful with Web Lesson Resources which can link you to experts, help you plan your online projects...
There is no dearth of web directories for educators, I like this one for its clear-cut approach to web related issues.
The Virtual Schoolhouse Classrooms  **
For middle and high school teachers, to quench any knowledge thirst, still lurking. The A-Z of classroom subjects, from Aeronautics to Zoology. A bundle of articles and resources for each category.

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