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Quiz : Teaching in Cyber Space

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Webducator with an attitude

1. To build rapport with students...
Do a good job of teaching. Concentrate on making lessons interesting.
Be conscious about doing a good 'PR' job-be warm, approachable, remember names...
Familiarity breeds contempt. Always be there to help but don't get too friendly.

2. When students explode in class...
Diffuse the situation, ask about the problem.
Be firm. Ask the student to leave the class.
Assert your authority, reprimand the erring student.

3. To establish high performance levels...
Hold up the bright students as examples.
Point out the implications on their futures.
Tell them what is unacceptable in the real world is unacceptable in the classroom.  For example, in the future would they accept tax auditors doing 'C' grade work on their tax reports?

4. To retain student interest...
Personal connections need to be found to their future.
Teachers needs to be careful about voice modulation.
Infuse humour from time to time.

5. According to a University of Indiana study, students respond most to a teacher who...
Responds to their need for personal guidance.
Responds to their need for both academic and personal guidance.
Makes the effort to see that students have understood what is being taught, willing to help out with problems and gives extra coaching.

6. Sex education in schools...
Is best avoided, specially in co-ed schools.
Should teach the value of abstinence, the consequences of pre-marital sex, the difference between impulsiveness and a mature relationship in marriage.
In keeping with realities, it should focus on contraceptive advice.

7. If you have students who can't sit still and seem to be turning off mentally...
Consider referring them for Attention Deficiency Disorder treatment.Some failing students become good students after treatment.
Warn them that they would have to stay back after school.
Send them out of class.

8. Curriculum should focus on...
Giving students future oriented skills.  For example, in today's world, technological, organizational and communication skills need special emphasis.
Teaching students as much as possible, in an interesting and comprehensive way.
Developing a scientific temperament in students.

9. When you have a culturally diverse class...
Ignore the differences-treat it like a homogeneous class.
Wonderful opportunity to integrate multi-culturalism-start a country of the month series, invite guest speakers to talk about different countries....
Make students aware of the evils of racism.

10. If a student starts to become disruptive...
Divert the student's mind from mischief-ask a question, ask for a passage to be read out...
Don't show leniency, bad behaviour deserves punishment.
Make a laughing stock of the student.  That way the misbehaviour will never be repeated.

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