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Course : Enology "Study of Wine"
Professor : Kevin Walker
Email :
UC Davis - Departement of Viticulture and Enology
By far one of the best sites devoted to the study of wine, the University of California Davis has accumulated a wealth of information on Enology including a News Journal with downloadable .PDFs, a section on Wine and Health and Home Wine Making.  Students should use this site to become acquainted with general information in the preceeding areas.  If you have time, you may want to look at the Wine Aroma Wheel which is sure to make you a hit at Wine tasting events in your neck of the woods.
American Society for Enology and Viticulture
The ASEV posts information about events in the wine industry and maintains a job board for those who may with to work in this industry.   The publications proposed by the ASEV are "pay for" paper copies, unfortunately little exists in an online format.  Some publications such as, "Cover Crops: A Practical Tool for Vineyard Management" are worth the price for those who are interested in buying a vineyard.
Travel Envoys Wine Guide

Learning about wine is just fine but traveling and drinking wine is even better.  We strongly encorage getting your feet wet or at least your lips.  This wine guide is divided into geographies such as New Zealand, California, South Africa and France in order to give you some out of the way vintages as well as the better known stuff from regions of Burgundy France.  Students should become aware of the different wine producing regions as well as learn about wine "Tasting Notes".

The Wine Institute
The wine institute in a non profit organization dedicated to the analysis of laws dealing with Wine distribution.  There are some interesting FAQs available that deal with "reciprocity", taxation issues and direct wine sales.  Whether your goal is to become a wine broker or just buy your wines at the best price, this site has some valuable information for you.
George DUBOEUF Beaujolais
George has made quite a reputation for himself by educating the world on the benefits of Beaujolais, one of the most versatile and widely sold French vintages.  You will information on the different regions that produces Beaujolais and why it is the wine to go with every occasion, according to George...
Ron Garr's Wine Lovers Page
This site reads like a magazine on the subject of wine yet has much useful information for the Wine aficianado.  Students should use the "30 second wine advisor" to bone up on there knowledge of which wines to serve with which occasions.  Don't be fooled by the name, this wine advisor takes into account many of the key tidbits of information to reccommend the best wine.
Wine Law
You will find information from the federal registrar about wine regulations and federal statutes.  There are many documents in downloadable format to choose from.  We suggest that you become familiar permits for producing and distributing wine as well as regulatory issues dealing with wine quality.   Other topics of interest include wine naming convention and label regulation.   Students should take away a general understanding of Wine Law as it pertains to producing and distributing quality wines.
Wine Tasting Terminology
Discover catch all phrases like "flacid yet obsequiant" which are sure to make you a hit at the golf club or the cardiology convention.  All jokes aside, this is a good reference for the vocabulary, grape glossary as well as some famous quotes about the world's oldest beverage.
The Wine Education site
This site, and all sites like it on the Internet, invite you to learn more about a subject that can be daunting, aloof, but above all, fun. Wine is craft, wine is art, wine is food. Raise a glass in toast to all those in the world, that at this moment are bound to you by this common thread, wine!
The Daily Wine
The Daily Wine is useful for getting up to date reviews on wines that are released for purchase.  There is an interesting collection of books and CDs that are recommended by the site to accompany your wine tasting experience.  Learn all you can...

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