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Moot Corp Business Plan Competition ***Top Pick***

Its been called "the Superbowl of World Business Plan competitions", "the Motha of all Business Plan Competitions" and "the Big Bertha of Business Plan Blockbusters".  Is anybody surprised that these guys are from Texas?   This ain't no sissy contest, so saddle up and get ready to woop some E-butt.  Hosted in Austin, Texas on the first week in May. Open to all Universities, Texans and foreigners.


Venture Challenge *****

Hosted by the Entrepreneurial Management Center of the College of Business Administration/San Diego State University. This year marks the 11th anniversary of the event and will include schools from Europe, Asia, Austraila, Canada, Mexico and the United States making it one of the most international competitions to date.  The Venture Challenge boasts an impressive list of sponsors including the Nasdaq Stockmarket, Qualcomm Corp., Sempra Energy and Motorola. From February to April.  Open to all Universities.


Hummer Winbald February Madness Start-up tournament *****

Probably the best non-school affiliated competition.  Run like the college Basketball tournament.  64-Internet related business plans are chosen for the first round and teams progress the "sweet sixteen shootout".  Organized by the Hummer Winbald venture capital group.  Open to all Universities.  Runs from February to June.


European Business Plan of the Year Competition ****

The most prestigious contest in Europe, this event is hosted by Insead and the London Business School.  It would be nice if they would post more information on the Internet.  Rumour has it that full program details can be found in every box of Vache-qui-Rit cheese ;-)  Program open to all MBA programs in Europe.  Finishes in June.


MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition ****

This is the one contest where even the losers become Gazillionaires.  Case in point, Akamai.  They lost the 1998 contest but now have a market cap of over 20B$.  Last years winner, DirectHit, has a market cap of over 10b$ get the point.  Coolest of the closed community contests. This student run tournament recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.  Open to MIT community only.  Begins in February, ends in May.


UC Berkeley Business Plan Contest ****   

The winner of the 1999 contest received funding of $6.6M from a prominent Venture Capital firm.  Registration on the 15th of February.  Over $50,000 in cash and prizes. Open to alumni and students of UC Berkeley. 


The Stanford Entrepreneur's Challenge ***

Nice contest, limited to Stanford community.


IMI National Business Plan Competition ***

Open to women age 13-21. The 2000 Competition will run from Sept. 1, 1999-May 15, 2000.   How's that for a WorldU affirmative action plug?


Caltech 10k business plan competition ***

This is an annual competition designed to encourage, appraise and promote business ideas from within the Caltech community. The grand prize is an initial $10,000 cash investment to serve as startup capital for the new venture. 


NYU Stern Roberts Pharmaceutical Award ***

BCES offers an annual program that provides seed capital of up to $5,000 to a student (or students) planning to start a new business upon graduation from Stern. Students compete for the prize by submitting original, complete business plans for new ventures.


Know of any others that deserve our attention?  Please post to forum for review.  We are especially keen on contests with open eligibility rules.  


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