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Webducation guide: Cyber Law
Webducator: Marc BOLH
Intellectual Property and Technology Forum *** WorldU Top Pick ***
An excellent source of wide ranging legal information for the Technology industry. This site is maintained by the Boston College Law School which explains its academic orientation. Sections on Headlines, Commentary and Articles provide much educational material. The section named "Articles" is one of the best collection of scholarly written briefs on technology law to be found on the web.
Intellectual Property in Cyberspace *****
Go to Harvard for free! This lecture and discussion series taught by Professor William Fischer was offered to the first 1500 people to sign up in March but much of the material is still available on the site. You will find the most educational material in the Syllabus section which contains six essays on timely subjects such as Legal protection for Web sites and in the Current Module section which hosts a case study based on the project itself.
Intellectual Property Law Web Server *****
Provided by the law firm of Oppedahl & Larson, this site offers general information and a set of questions and answers to Internet related legal issues. Of particular interest to cyber entrepreneurs are the sections on general information about computer law and web law. A good example is the information dealing with what you can and cannot place on your web site.
Electronic Frontier Foundation ****
The EFF is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting rights and promoting freedom on the Internet. The site offers a long list of internet related articles and white papers that can be searched by keyword. A newsletter and Upcoming Events section helps visitors get more involved.
American Civil Liberties Union ****
The ACLU maintains a main menu selection dedicated to cyber liberties. In it you will find a call to action to defend individuals against invasion of privacy and attacks on personal liberties. The ACLU does a great job of following congressional initiatives in these areas and provides opinions of hot legal issues such as the Vice-President Gore's e-Bill of rights. ****
An offbeat site specializing in copyright information for the music and entertainment businesses. Tutorials exist for subjects such as Copyright Basics, Copyright Registration and Trademark Trouble. A unique feature of the site is a forum devoted to hot topics such as the MP3 music format that is causing quite a dilemma for record labels.
Ippy Online ****
Here is one for the kids but you may learn something from this "down under" site. Sponsored by the Australian government this site uses games and interactive modules to teach children about trademarks, copyrights and other methods for protecting intellectual property. Kids can win prizes and see their names in lights for designing the best trademarks.
An Intellectual Property Law Primer for Multimedia and Web Developers ***
This site contains some chapters from a book written by Dianne Brinson and Mark Radcliffe called The Multimedia Law and Business Handbook. It deals specifically with US Copyright law, leaving patent and trademark law aside. We appreciated sections of the site that give examples of widespread "myths" about copyright law.
4Trademark ***  
As its name suggests, 4Trademark offers services for companies wishing to register trademarks, especially those linked to internet addresses. The most educational part of the site is a section on domain name legal issues. A searchable database lets you see if your URL has already been registered by somebody else.
Cyberlaw ***
Jonathan Rosenoer, author of the Book CyberLaw: The Law of the Internet, maintains this site which is dedicated to providing articles and news briefs about internet related legal issues. The sections on Cyberlaw and Cyberlex provide educational material in the form of extracts from Jonathan's book as well as articles from other authors. 

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