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Cyber Entrepreneurship

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Webducation Quiz: Cyber Law
Webducator: Marc BOLH
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1. What organization has been chosen to manage the domain name registration and administration system?
2. Which of the following policies will be implemented to combat cybersquatters?
3. What is a good reason to register with the office of copyright protection?
4. What conditions may prohibit you from publishing the URL of another person's site on your web pages?
5. What is the best way to avoid losing a domain name to a competitor?
6. Copyright protection covers each of the following art forms except:
7. Which of the following is NOT addressed by the E-Bill of Rights legislation?
8. What types of organization should take the lead on issues of Internet governance?
9. How much did IEG pay to obtain the Internet address for publishing adult material on the web?
10. What are the legal terms for the two elements that must be proven by the plaintiff in a trademark infringement case?

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