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Reprinted with permission from the San Jose Mercury.   

Full article by Scott Herhold found here.



Drive-by VC: An investor who appears briefly at a board meeting and leaves without giving advice.

Hitting the windshield: The company is moving too slowly for the market: A crash is imminent.

Blow-out round: New financing at lower prices forces out original investors or diminishes their stake.

Stabling: Keeping an entrepreneur in residence at a VC firm.Elevator pitch: What an entrepreneur can tell a VC in the first two minutes they meet.

The living dead: A company that neither thrives nor fails but simply survives.

A Boat Anchor:  A person or an activity that holds a company back.

Scale up: Growing quickly and preserving good management.

Red Herring: A preliminary prospectus designed to gauge support for an initial public offering.

Blue sky laws: Restrictions placed on IPOs by various states.

Short arms: Refers to a VC who enters a first round of funding but is leery about staying in for a second.

Waking the giant: means talking to Microsoft Corp.

Plankton: Colorfully describes a small company swallowed by a bigger fish.

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You are here : Home > Cyber Entrepreneurship > Glossary