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Webducation guide: Internet Advertising

Webducator: Jamie Smith
EMarketer Interview with Seth Godin *** WorldU Top Pick ****
Seth Godin is Vice President of Direct Marketing at Yahoo! An interview conducted by eMarketer (30 March 1999) questions Seth about his career, his new book titled Permission Marketing and his ideas about Marketing trends. Other current topics such as Interruption Marketing, running a small as opposed to a big company and some good examples of company internet strategies make this a good read.
Permission Marketing: a New Model for The New millennium *****
More on Seth Godin’s perspectives on "Permission Marketing". A good summary of the basic premises: what it is, why we need it and how to implement it.
IAB Advertising effectiveness Study Executive Summary *****  
The Internet Advertising Bureau commissioned this study to measure the influence of online advertising effectiveness in regard to advertisement awareness, product attribute communication and purchase intent. The study took place in June 1997 and included CNN, Compuserve and ten other leading Web sites. The Methodology is fully explained and the results presented in a graphic form.
Advertising Industry ****
Commentary on eMarketers most recent eAdvertising report. This includes an impressive list of sources for the document, the price of the report, comparisons with the report in 1997, and some of the questions answered by this latest research.
Web Advertising a Year of Growth ****
A little old now in that it discusses 1997. Nevertheless, good reading to comprehend the evolution of e-advertising. It discusses the use of non-banner advertising, local advertisers and classifieds on the Web and future growth. The consumer privacy and branding online sections also provide a good overview.
Banner Secrets: How to Run a Successful Campaign ****
Raymond Pirouz of Clickz Network gives some tips on eAdvertising. It includes some useful definitions, the attributes of banners and perhaps most interestingly, how to create effective banner ads.
Advertising and Web Based Interactivity ***
Based on research by P.Anthony Galvin this article discusses the relevance of the WWW to advertising and the Web as a marketing tool. It introduces the concept of Computer Mediated Environments (CME) and examines the question of whether Web based activity leads to greater recall of advertising.
An Internet Reality Check ***  
Reflecting on a report from eMarketer Beth Cox from emphasises that the share of Internet Advertising dollars is relatively small in comparison to TV and other media.
Internet Advertising Resource Guide ***  
This is an original guide dating from 1994. Its introduction section covers general information for the novice. Additionally it offers comprehensive guidance under the following headings: Planning, Development, Management, Research and Teaching.
The Check’s in the …Mail ***
Good advice on ways to target a specific audience through Email. Includes the latest on Newsletters, Opt-in email lists, and tracking. Clearly distancing itself from "spamming", this article shows some different options for implementing online Email advertising. 

You are here : Home > Cyber Entrepreneurship > Internet Advertising

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