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The Strategic Implications of the Internet

Albert A. Angehrn

INSEAD, The European Institute of Business Administration Bd de Constance, Fontainebleau, F-77300 France (Tel) 33 1 6072 4361 (Fax) 33 1 6072 4049 (Email)

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For all that has been written about the Internet, most managers remain confused regarding its likely strategic impact on their businesses (internal perspective) and on competition in general (external perspective). Our aim, in this paper, is not to try to predict the likely technological evolution of the Internet. Rather, we set out to provide managers with a generic framework (the ICDT model) for understanding the opportunities and threats generated by the Internet - and for developing a strategy to leverage these. Before outlining this framework, we believe that it is useful to briefly consider how business is evolving. This will provide a platform for examining how the Internet may accelerate certain trends while revoking others.

Global business and the Internet
What to make of the Internet: the ICDT Model
Access to Markets and Resources
Internal processing for Enhanced Performance
Changing the Rules

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