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Webducation guide: Venture Capital
Webducator : Could B U
Guide Producer : Nandini SARKAR
Venture Associates *** WorldU Top Pick ***
With Ultra, you get two for the price of one!  James B. Arkebauer, founder of V.A.and author, coins an interesting term, "ultra"preneuring, very appropriate for this giga age. The site is conveniently indexed into sections on Capital Sourcing, Business Planning , Entrepreneurial Financing... to simplify your search.   A great starting point is Net News, a collection of tips, notes, news items, and assorted articles, for entrepreneurs and others, interested in the entrepreneurial lifestyle. For example, you will find Venture Capital explained as well as other financing strategies. There are also a host of links to venture capital groups and forums around the world, including "select" sites.  In all, a site recommended as a primer for the student and budding entrepreneur.
National Business Incubation Association *****
Come out of your shell ! There's help from Dr. B. Cocoon.  "Business Incubators nurture young firms, helping them to survive and grow during the start-up period when they are most vulnerable" If you're new to this concept, find out more about their selection criteria, how they differ from the venture capitalists, and most importantly, how YOU can be helped.   The section on Links to Incs offers a set of useful resources at the local and international level that won't make you lose your precious time.  A very resourceful site, that promises to egg you out (or on, whichever way you like it done).
American Venture Magazine *****  
1-2-3 Testing !  So you have your business plan ready, want to test if it is good enough?  Fred Foster did (check News & Events), and reported that his company raised $7 million through AVCE contacts. Also find out about events for entrepreneurs and finance providers. The site lists hundreds of start-ups and expanding companies seeking financing globally (see you there with my B.P.).  Accredited investors review the summaries and contact the companies that they like best. You also get to view a list of companies for sale, and links to Venture Clubs. This service has been written about in The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Success among others. - Tools for Entrepreneurs **** is an Israeli-based resource center for entrepreneurs and investors. But more importantly, Yazam raises seed stage money for the hottest ideas and startups.  The site provides feature articles and active Discussion Boards that help entrepreneurs and investors interact on such subjects as "Marketing for Startups" and "Starting a Business".  We especially liked the Glossary of Financial Terms where we learned a few new ones such as Piggyback registration and Tax Clawback Agreement.
SCORE ****
Got your SCORE?  The Score Association, formed in 1964 as a non-profit organization for small business in the US, has more than 12,000 volunteer business counselors, helping you through free and confidential business advice.  SCORE assists more than 300,000 small businesses each year, small wonder that this sterling service was honoured at a White House reception on April 21, 1999.  Visit the site, and you won't be disappointed. Take advantage of their free email counselling (for US citizens & Resident Aliens only) or set up a face-to-face meeting. Read up on Client Successes with the extremely helpful section on Business Resources.  View an alphabetical list of specific topics on the web, and get a list of valuable sites, conveniently organized by categories.   Also, benefit from The 1998 Top Ten Business Questions, and the Archives For Business Basics. ****
Cyber Heaven is waiting for you in the Garage! brings investors and entrepreneurs together.  A section called Heaven is aptly named for giving business angels, VCs and corporate investors access to start-ups. The focus is on high-tech areas and companies are organized in areas such as networking, software, semiconductors, telecommunications, biotechnology and medical devices. Current offerings are limited to the US.  A distinctive feature is Forums, where you can get information such as articles and FAQs about startup-related issues from the "best minds in business". (Price Waterhouse, Advanced Technology Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank...)  From the Newsroom, you can browse articles of interest to high tech investors and entrepreneurs.   Resources, will link you to certain Professional Services, and facilitate further Research.  In all, the definitive site for hi-tech start-ups and investors.
Entrepreneurial Edge Online ****
Shape those edges before you become a square peg in a round hole !  This is a resource packed site on which you will find the following sections : Business Builders, step-by-step interactive modules on all aspects of starting and growing a business, Interactive Toolbox, self-calculating financial management and assessment tools and Capital Search Assistant.  Business Resources offers great links by category (banking, venture capital, global trade...) as well as news, facts and information. You will also find interesting Feature Articles and an Interactive Forum where you can share your solutions and find out how other entrepreneurs have been successful.
Small Business Resources ***
An award winning site, this is the place for you if "you have been in business all your life or only since you woke up this morning".  Perfect for entrepreneurs who wish to learn from others like them or serve as a mentor in their area of expertise. Excavate from a mine of free information and advice on marketing, management, finance, the Internet and self-improvement.  Are you really being smart, buying that running business for half of what they asked?  Wait a minute, perhaps you should check the show case of entrepreneurial experiences, and while you're at it, make discoveries like Jan Norman's "What No One Ever Tells You About Starting Your Own Business".
Raining Money Funding Notebook ****
Who could resist a title like that? Brought to you by Business Finance, this free notebook gives a step-by-step methodology for requesting capital. Sections include Letting the Funds Know Where You Are and Pinpointing the Amount you Need. Cash Flow Modeling provides a rigorous way of looking at this all important aspect of your launch.
Forbes Start-up Clinic ***
Growing Pains ? Get analyzed for those financial worms using an excellent search engine then get motivated by inspiring case stories at the Forbes Startup Clinic.  You will find more information on finance at  You can actually rejoice in being a monopolist, with the blessings of the E-gurus. Get this gem (Forbes Magazine, Cover Story, May8, 1999) and others, just for the asking. Entrepreneurs (would - be or otherwise) dive back, back, back, into previous issues for more.
Plumber those knowledge leaks with a handy Toolbox (Calculators, Financial, Lists, Surveys, et all), Depart(ments) to a place full of little known business secrets.   Further information is available about topics such as Career, Small Businesses, Mutual Funds and a Buyer's Guide.

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