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Quiz:  Venture Capital

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1. Sometimes a start-up business plan is a good step before you do a real business plan...
Why waste time when you know you have a good thing coming. Better to plunge into the real plan.
It won't hurt to do a simple market and break-even analysis and be tough about at least three factors that will be crucial for the new business' survival.
Depends on the investment amounts involved.

2. When you take a business plan to an investor...
Take along your business consultant.
Spark their interest, be sure about the product, market and people potential.
Be impeccably dressed.

3. According to the NBIA, like venture capitalists, business incubators impose selection criteria upon prospective clients. They accept...
A mix of industries.
Some accept a mix of industries, but others concentrate on industry niches.
Only industry niches.

4. According to Guy Kawasaki, a successful business revolutionary...
Relentlessly searches for, consumes, and absorbs knowledge about the industry, customers and competition.
Networks relentlessly, building up vital business contacts.
Doesn't stop visualizing how their product is going to get better and better.

5. According to SCORE sources, SOHO, the small office/home office market of companies with 20 employees or less is...
A mere blip on the economic and social horizons.
The fastest-growing part of the U.S. economy.
Slowly growing in significance.

6. Buying an existing business is a good idea because the firm has a track record, instant income and a customer base.
May be wise to hire a business appraiser to be sure you're not buying trouble or paying too much.
Conduct a customer survey.

7. Some ways to keep yourself successfully in business are...
Franchising, new market development, new product development, business partners and investors.
Networking, cultivating new contacts, excellent PR.
Finding the right business consultant, visualizing newer and better products all the time and keeeping the customer satisfied.

8. Venture capital shouldn’t be thought of as a source of funding for any but a very few exceptional start-up businesses due to which of the following remarks?
Venture capital can't afford to invest in start-ups unless there is a rare combination of product opportunity, market opportunity and proven management.
Venture capital is always on the lookout for products and markets that can reasonably project increasing sales over a period of time.
Venture capitalists are always ready to provide partial financing for projects with good potential.

9. When the Business Angels, Banks and Venture Capitalists aren't being helpful your best bet may be...
Finding a strategic partner in a similar or complementary service.
Changing your business plan.
Advertising on the net.

10. According to Ed Zimmer, recognize that business -- all business -- starts with...
The bright idea.
The know-how.
The customer.

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You are here : Home > Cyber Entrepreneurship > Venture Capital > Quiz

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