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Webducation guide: Web Site Promotion

Webducator: Marc BOLH
Virtual Promote *** WorldU Top Pick ***
Just like coming to an oasis in the middle of a desert, Virtual Promote is the best watering hole on the web for promoters in search of the promised land. Feature articles are extremely informative and deal with topics such as "Promoting sites for Women", "Banner Advertising" and "Winning your way to the heart of web reviewers". Of particular interest to any webmaster is how to win the approval of web site reviewers.
Search Engine Watch *****
Danny Sullivan edits this Ezine for search engine news and tutorials which has become one of the most popular sites for cyber promoters. You will find excellent learning material in sections on "Search Engine Facts and Fun", "Search Engine Resources" and the "Search Engine Report". The section called a "Webmaster's Guide to Search Engines" deals with the most essential aspects of getting your site listed in the right places which is worth its weight in pre-IPO stock options.
Site Launch ****
A grab bag of interesting information and cool tools to add to your site. Any web operation should be interested in sections like "Really Big Traffic", "Go for the Green" and "Style and Design". We found the most original section to be a collection of free "goodies" that you can add to your site including Site Search, Mail Distribution Lists and a Recommend-It button.
Search Engines by Jim Rhodes ****
Jim Rhodes, Author of The Art of Business Website Promotion, shares his techniques for improving placement and position in popular search engines. Topics include "How They Work", "Choosing your Keywords" and "Getting listed by Yahoo". Our favorite section deals with preparing your pages by optimizing your choices of title and meta tags.
PR2 ***
The tag line for this site is "Free Website promotion" and PR2 goes a long way to cover the bases on this subject. Sections include "Getting Started", "the Promotion Zone" and "Miscellaneous sites". The most educational portion of the site is a set of "How To" articles dealing with topics such as "Taming your sites graphics" and "Protecting your site from spam".
Web Site Marketing Primer ***
A good example of mixing education material with commerce, Link Exchange provides this primer for free along with links to pay-for services. But hey, the information is good and the choice is yours so take a look and learn about announcing in newsgroups, participating in e-mail lists and running on-site events. We appreciated the words of precaution regarding email and newsgroup postings.
How to Announce your new Web Site ***
This FAQ contains many useful tips and corresponding links to help you launch your web business. You will find information on What's New sites, Web Directories and Newsletters. One of the more original sections deals with Books that contain lists of Web Sites.
Promotion World ***
Promotion World is dedicated to helping you generate the most traffic and revenue possible from your web site. You will find the most educational material in the sections on Expert Interviews, Online Tools and Unique Ideas. We found the best section to be the "Web Site Tutorials" which steps you through the ABC's of web site promoting.
How to Publicize your Web site over the Internet ***
Richard Seltzer has offered up Chapter 6 of his new book The Social Web. It contains information and valuable links on topics such as Directory Listings, Newsgroups as well as providing an Online Newsletter. Our favorite section is on "Where to go to discuss marketing issues on the web".
Northern Webs ***
Northern Idaho's best web marketing tutorial, serious! Northern Webs explains how to design pages while keeping the search engines in mind. Topics covered include "Search Engine Summary", a "Detailed Look" and an "Open Letter to Search Engines". The summary gives some useful statistics for popular search engines although they are a little out of date.

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