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Webducation Guide : French
Webducator : Marc BOLH *
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* WorldU is looking for somebody to take our French Guide to a new level.  See Webducators.
French English Dictionary ***
Developed by the ARTFL project at the University of Chicago, the French English dictionary translates over 75,000 words by accepting your input and responding with the translation. A useful feature is the ability to use wild cards. Because French verbs have relatively complicated conjugations, this permits the user to enter the root of the word and get back a list of possible full words.
French Language Courses by Jacques Léon ****
One of the best sources of free French lessons to be found on the web developed by Jacques Léon, a writer living in Paris. You will find a "Course Index" with material on pronunciation, articles and genders, pronouns and verbs as well as French idioms. The distinguishing feature of this site is the many online audio clips that Jacques has recorded to help you learn how to pronounce French words. But be careful, you may become so good that your English starts sounding like Pépé le Pew!
STP CALL : French **
The site is brought to you from the University of Uppsala in Sweden, but then again where else would you go to brush up on your French, "Nu blir det Roligt".  The menu lists different lessons such as texts and vocabulary, nouns and gender, verb conjugations and adjective concordance.  The best part of the site is the battery of exercises providing multiple choice or fill in the blank questions and instant corrections.
French Verb Conjugator ***
Type in any French verb in its infinitive form, select a tense, and the verb conjugator will give you the different forms of the verb for each person, je, tu, il,...  The key feature of this conjugator is its ability to handle a number of verb tenses including : Present, Simple Past, Future, Conditional, Imperfect, Subjunctive.  The underlying technology was developed by the Rank Xerox Research Group in Grenoble France and is called the INFL Morphological Analyzer.  With a name like that you just know it must be "très bon, mon ami".
Paris Match
One of France's best known popular magazines.  The equivalent of People magazine in the United States.  Also a great way to learn French while reading about interesting topics.  Can be used with the French English Dictionary to improve vocabulary or the other materials to improve grammar and reading ability.
French for Travellers
Just click on the French Flag and you will have access to some excellent interactive French learning sessions complete with "quick quizes" and audio files to be able to understand as well as read French. The sites is devided into the following categories : basic words, numbers, shopping, travel, directions, places, times and dates.
Visiting French Museums
This collections of French museum visits contains many articles in French and in English.  Just a click of the language button in the top right corner lets you change between the two which makes for a very effecient learning experience.   Learn about French art as well.

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