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Creating a Webducation Guide

Webducator design tools

Good news!  If you want to become a Webducator at World University Online things have never been easier.  You don't have to be a Wiz at HTML because we will take your course outline, submitted in almost and format you wish, and transform it into an Webducation guide such as those found in our Webducation Guides section. 
To become a Webducator at World University, you simply carry out the following steps :
  • Read to the World University vision for the future of education.
  • Become aquaited with other Webducation Guides.
  • Choose the sites for your guide. 
  • Follow the quality guide for choosing sites, writing descriptions and submitting them for publishing.
  • Send your course outline to us at
  • Write 10 quiz questions and answers based on the web sites that you have listed.  Click here for an example of a quiz.
As a Webducator you will have a key role in maintaining an active, gregarious yet studious environnement for your students.  As new technologies become available to World University such as forums, video conferencing and lecture broadcasting, you will have a central role in animating a one of a kind learning experience.




Road to Webducation

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.