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  Education is the next Cyber Tsunami...
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Our Mission

Webducator on a mission

At World University everything we do revolves around one mission :

To make knowledge available to every person in an interesting way.

World University offers on-line course work that greatly increases the knowledge of our users because we provide a framework within a universe of knowledge, a self paced curriculum and the possibility to interact with many professors and students.

We make knowledge available to every person who can connect to the internet. Although we are aware computers are expensive, they are considerably less expensive than University tuition and we offer something that no other University can offer : a lifetime learning experience.

At World University we strive to make learning interesting by providing knowledge that applies to the present and the future, not only the past. Because people learn better by doing than by abstract description, we use on-line interactive media to simulate learning material.



New economic model for education

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.