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WORLD UNIVERSITY ONLINE TO RECRUIT EDUCATION ENTREPRENEURS. New program allows teachers to host educational content on the Internet for free and earn sponsorship revenues.

April 20, 1999 (Paris, France) - World University Online http://www.worlduonline.com/ recently announced a new program whereby teachers, professors and other knowledgeable individuals can publish educational material on the Internet for free, thereby bringing cyber learning to the masses. Access to the educational material is free as well. Sponsors provide the financing for this unique learning environment.

"At World University Online we believe that Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history", said Marc BOLH, founder and Dean of World University Online. "By changing the Economic Model on which education has been based for centuries, World University Online is creating a market for consumers and producers of knowledge to meet in a more efficient manner." http://www.worlduonline.com/EcoModl.htm

Virtual Learning Communities

World University Online (WUO) is building virtual communities of individuals who share an interest in areas as diverse as World War II history, Journalism, Foreign Languages or Mythology. WUO provides course outlines based on existing educational Internet sites and develops quizzes that let students test their knowledge. Although many of WUO’s "professors" are experts in their field, participation is not limited to a specific set of requirements and WUO offers different levels of involvement : http://www.worlduonline.com/BecProf.htm

Becoming a Course Sponsor

For subjects with broad appeal, World University Online will develop a course outline and quiz for which a Course Sponsor will be selected. A course sponsor’s responsibility will be to make sure that the sites reviewed by WUO are the best in their field and that the corresponding quiz is pertinent and accurate.

Becoming a Professor

Becoming a professor of a course at World University offers the prefect vehicle for building a community of special interest in which you are the focal point. Duties include selecting the 10 best educational Internet sites in a given field of study and writing a synopsis about each site. In addition, a professor prepares a multiple choice quiz derived from the sites chosen. Ongoing duties include encouraging interaction amongst students through email and other online means.

Becoming an Associate Dean

After completing 5 course outlines and quizzes, an individual becomes an Associate Dean of a College in his/her area of study. Associate Deans will receive 50% of advertising proceeds generated from their college, the other half will go to covering technical and commercial operating costs. WUO will take care of all operational aspects of running your online college making it possible for education entrepreneurs to concentrate on creating a stimulating environment for students.

About World University Online, http://www.worlduonline.com/

World University Online is a non-profit start-up dedicated to building online communities in education. The University metaphor has been selected because it conveys the dynamic environment of college campuses on which ideas are shared and knowledge is nurtured. WUO is not accredited by a state or local government and encourages all users to verify the accuracy of educational materials referenced. By providing a unique environment in which publishing and consulting educational material is free, WUO seeks to create a new economic model for education. http://www.worlduonline.com/EcoModl.htm

For more information contact :  http://www.worlduonline.com/Contact.htm

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