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  Education is the next Cyber Tsunami...
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FAQ for Course Sponsors, Professors and Associate Deans

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Q : Do I have to be a Professor or a teacher to participate?
A : No, there are no formal requirements to becoming a professor at World University Online. In assigning subject areas we will give preferences to those that are knowledgeable or passionate about a certain area of study.
Q : Are the subjects covered limited to academic stuff like Anthropology and Entomology?
A : Not at all, we encourage subjects that have a broad appeal such as Good Health, Investing or Getting the most out of your computer. Subjects should in some way benefit from continual learning which is pretty much unlimited. World University Online reserves the right to refuse to publish a course that could be offensive.
Q : Do I have to know about computers and how to make web pages?
A : No, for the time being you can submit your work in any electronic format that we can read and we will take care of publishing it for you. If we experience a backlog, we will give preference to publishing those works which are already in an Internet friendly format.
Q : How much money can I conceivable make as an Associate Dean?
A : Again, World University Online is not a "get rich quick" thing. Traffic is modest but growing quickly and commissions for Associates Deans are small for the moment. However, we are convinced that the success of World University Online is based on our ability to create Superstar professors that reach out to millions of students and that make extremely high salaries. In the mean time we'll have a lot of fun changing  the shape of education.
Q : Why not wait until traffic picks up on World University Online and then publish my courses?
A : Then might be too late. Our first Associate Deans will stake out valuable educational real estate. Subsequent Associate Deans will have to define more specific subject areas. In addition, World University Online will guarantee the pioneers by paying a $100 advance on future revenue upon completion of 5 course outlines and corresponding quizzes.
Q : What if I already have my own site?
A : No problem, keep it and create a second site on World University Online.
Q : Who gets the intellectual property rights?
A : The author maintains intellectual property rights over his work. World University Online is given the perpetual right to publish the work and receive sponsorship revenue. Associate Deans will receive 50% of this revenue.
Q : How do I get started?
A : Read throught the different sections of the site and apply



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A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.