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Sales Managers

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The Sales Manager's position is critical in increasing the revenue of World University through sponsorship and advertising.  Compensation will be based on a percentage of revenues generated.  The Sales Manager will develop their own sales plan based on targeting key groups of advertisers with special offerings, signing advertising contracts and developing sponsorships drives.

The most important characteristic of all of World University's associates is their passion for contributing to our mission and their motivation. On top of these qualities, we are looking for a Sales Managers with :

  • Creativity in developing new techniques to achieve their objectives
  • Good ideas or experience in increasing revenues through advertising and sponsorship
  • Knowledge of the on-line industry and good ideas on how to make World University a successful organization
  • Means of communicating on-line with the other associates of World University. (a computer, email)

The Sales Managers will work closely with the Marketing Manager, Content Managers and other associates. Compensation is based on a percentage of revenue however World University is a non-profit organization and compensation should not be the main motivational factor. Non-tangible benefits include experience and recognition in managing a on-line Sales activity. The position is created for a minimum of one year with possibility of renewal.

Send your resume by mail or email.


New Economic Model for Education

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.