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Become a Webducator at World University

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Interested in doing something real on the Internet?  How about making knowledge more accessible to mankind?  It's what we call Webducation and WorldU is looking for Professors, Educators, Experts or just plain Net-Heads with a passion for building or participating in virtual learning communities.


You are knowledgeable in a specific field and you would like to take an active role in helping others to learn. Becoming a WorldU Webducator offers the chance to contribute to a Webducation community. Your role is to create and submit Webducation content or to a Webducation Guide.  As a Webducator, you will have the ongoing role of exchanging information with others by email and our upcoming forums.  This is a great way to get in contact with other people specializing in your field.  Apply here.
Time commitment : 2-3 hours initially, 1 hours per month ongoing.
Read our FAQ for more information.

Webducation Community Builder

Once you have assembled a critical mass of educational content, guides and quizzes in one subject area, World University Online will offer you the role of Webducation Community Builder.  You will receive 50% of all the advertising proceeds generated from your subject area, the other half will go to WorldU in order to cover all the technical and commercial operating costs. That wasn’t a misprint, WorldU will pay you 50% but the best part is that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff like making html pages, debugging CGI scripts, dealing with a host site or selling advertising on your pages. WorldU will cover all of those aspects of running your online learning community. All you have to do is come up with interesting content and provide a stimulating environment for your students. On top of that World University Online will guarantee the work of our pioneers by paying $100 as an advance on future earnings for the first five Webducation Communities. This being said, financial gain should not be the main motivating factor for prospective Builder but rather become the leader of an online community. Apply here.
Time commitment : 10-20 hours initially, 10 hours per month ongoing.
Read our FAQ for more information.

Webducator Experts

You would like to share your knowledge you just can’t seem to block out the time necessary to make a Webducation Guide. Depending on your subject and your expertise, WorldU will develop a guide for you. Your responsibility will be to guide our work and makes sure that the sites we review are the best in the field and the quiz we prepare is accurate. Apply here.
Time commitment : 30 minutes - 1 hour.
Read our FAQ for more information.

New Economic Model for Education

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.