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Who's Who @ WorldU

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Jamie Smith, Webducation Community Builder, Business English, jamrich18@hotmail.com
Jamie Smith teaches International Marketing at a number of Business Schools in Paris. He also presents negotiation seminars for companies in the Paris area. Recently his clients have included BNP and Dassault Systémes. An
English citizen, he has had significant international experience including managing his own company in the United States and leading training seminars in Finland and France. He earned his MBA at the Helsinki School of Economics in Finland, graduating in 1996.
Nandini SARKAR, Content Program Manager      Infinity1@vsnl.com
Nandini recently founded a company called Infinity Soft, a  recruitment and counseling agency that specializes in placing I.T. professionals.  She earned a masters in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. Other professional achievements include a management position in a multi-national bank and teaching English and Economics.  How did she manage to do all that and have 2 children along the way?  Nandini, who lives in India, is also an avid practitioner of Yoga and meditation. 
Kevin WALKER, aka Kaveman, Sales Program Manager  Sales@WorldUOnline.com
Kevin attended the University of Texas for over a decade and earned 1 degree in history.  Learning in large quantities was his specialty and now Kevin is charge of building partner relationships with World University. "Attracting sponsors is an essential part of being able to provide educational material for free and our target audience offers interesting characteristics for potential advertisers."
David BURGE, Technical Project Manager
David has a bachelor of science from the Purdue University in computer graphics.  He worked on several projects developing Web sites before moving to Paris, France where he is currently a free lance Web site developer and graphic designer.
Marc BOLH, aka DeanB             DeanB@WorldUOnline.com
Despite the fact that Marc often fell asleep in class, he did manage to get a bachelor of arts in computer science from the University of Texas and an MBA from Insead.  He has lived and worked in Paris for the last seven years for Microsoft and Oracle.   "I started World University based on a vision of how technology would change education.  At World University, our mission is to make knowlegde available to every person in an interesting way."

Webducators at World University can be reached at Faculty@WorldUOnline.com

Webducator Guide(s)
Blake Thomas Screenwriting Blake is living in L.A. and has started Desktop Films to commercialize his first mini-series Dark-Redemtion.
Nathalie MATHIEU
Macro Economics
Monetary Economics
Nathalie is currently finishing her doctorate in Economics at the Sorbonne in Paris France.
Valérie ORIOL Medical Documentation Valérie earned a diploma as a medical doctor but decided to persue a carreer in clinical studies.
Kristina & Glen Winston Mythology : The Love Gods   Employee Rights Kristina is a paralegal from the Boston area, Glen works for a prominent computer consulting firm.
Barbro PERSSON Alternative Medecine Barbro has a BA in French and an Masters in Education and uses her languages skills as a flight attendant for TWA.
Baptiste BARRANDON World War II History Baptiste is currently a student in the Boston area.
Axel HEALTHEON Health Care   Economics Axel is the President of a medical services company in the North East.
Kevin WALKER Enology "Wine sciences" Kevin works out of Houston as a Wine and spirits broker for a large distillery.
Andrew WEINSTEIN Personal Taxes Andrew  is a Tax Specialist for Steptoe in the Washington DC area.
Chistian ORIOL Hot Air Ballooning Christian is an aviation enthusiast from Lyon, France.
Rich Iceguard International Taxation Rich Iceguard has taken up residence in London, England.
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At WorldU we eat our own dog food.  We think the web is the best place to go for just in time learning and we use it regularly ourselves to solve the problems we face.
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