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  Education is the next Cyber Tsunami...
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The World University Online Vision

Webducators wearing Raybans

As the information age reaches maturity we are witnessing the dawn of the Knowledge age during which an increasingly large portion of the work force will be devoted to creating and diffusing knowledge. Learning as we know it, is undergoing profound changes:

Continual Learning - Traditional education is focused on the young (age 4-25yrs). In the Knowledge age, learning will be a lifetime endeavor. In fact, the need to learn will increase with an individuals maturity and responsibility. WorldU provides a learning experience for persons of all ages.

Personalized Learning – Traditional curriculums are fixed content, fixed speed, group experiences. In the Knowledge age, individuals will need to explore the universe of knowledge in a more personalized way. World University provides a common curriculum from which each individual can branch out into personal areas of interest. At WorldU, learning is accomplished at the speed at which an individual can absorb knowledge.

Interactive Learning – Traditional classroom settings one-to-many experiences. In the Knowledge age individuals must be able to access many teachers and interact with many students. World University provides such an experience.



New Economic Model

A New Economic Model for Education

Education is poised for some of the biggest productivity gains of any industry at any time in history.